Saturday, January 16, 2010

Falcon Hat__falcon, bird, birds of prey,

Falcon Hat__8x6 oil on linen panel_ painted for SEWE, unless you want it first__$190
Steve used to bring his falcon, Emo, out to our farm to fly in the fields. My children were young, then, and LOVED to watch Emo fly. He would chase pigeons, and one time he himself got hit by a was scary, but Emo survived. I painted him from a photo Steve dent me. He has on his little "hat" blinders. This keeps him "quiet" till he flies. The tassles on top are cute, but they are what you hold onto to take it off.
Below is some info about an upcoming plein air event in Texas. Good prize money, great people and the best location in Texas...I hope you artists will come!...I will have more details tthis week...

PAINT THE TOWN___Marble Falls, TX
-It's a Plein Air Paint Out on April 16-18 (There is online registration for artists!I will have that link soon) If you are one of my artist buddies, PLEASE consider this. It is a BEAUTIFUL time of year - BLUEBONNET SEASON, and this will be a great year for them!- also, Marble Falls is in the BEST part of Texas...
-Awards: Cash $$$ plus original Bronze medals by Dan Pogue ($1000 for first place, $200 for 5th place and lots in between) The medals are REALLY UNIQUE and beautiful!
-I am the awards juror, so I cannot enter this year...DURN!
-BUT! I will have an exhibit in town at that time: LAST YEAR ON THE FARM selections from my series of plein air works will be on exhibit in Marble Falls for several weeks in April.
-I will give a gallery talk and sign my book Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change on Sunday, April 18.


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