Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fillet Finisher

Fillet Finisher___from my sketchbook
His name is Charlie, and he was working alongside the guy who was filleting the fish (see yesterday's sketch)
It looked to me as if he was spreading something with a brush onto each fillet. Again, I had to work REAL FAST, because he was working fast. This is what "impressionism" is: capturing the IMPRESSION of what is going on. It might not be TECHNICALLY accurate, but gives the idea of what I saw. Frankly, it's all about his cute little hat...I wished I had my camera, at the time, but really, it's BETTER to NOT rely on the camera for an impression. Later on, when I make paintigs of these guys, I will work from more knowledge (ie photos or more sketches and notes) to make sure I am not wrong about the proper form for filleting big fish!

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