Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Afternoon Clearing__ranch, cows, landscape, farm

"Afternoon Clearing"___16x20 oil on linen___A Commission for Terry N.
I loved having the chance to paint out on the land again! Even though I mostly did this one in the studio from photos, it still felt like "home on the range...or the farm" to me! Thank you for the commission, Terry! I hope the family likes it and that you do not mind the "artistic license!" It was great to feel spring showers and to "see green" for a while!
For you artists out there, just because the client gives you a handfull of photos and tells you which is the BEST view, I find that MOST of the time they will not mind if you take a little license with the final painting. In this work, I put the trees in better places and added some of that good red dirt that Terry liked. Heck, even when I painted our farm 365 times I sometimes left out the buildings or added cows where I wanted them!
In a few weeks I will have my first workshop of the year. We will focus on sunrises, sunsets, moonrise and COLOR! Please e-mail me if you are interested (Feb 5 - 7 in Fredericksburg, TX...a great place to get out of the cold!) is the email

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