Monday, January 25, 2010

Velcro, My Cat

Velcro, My Cat_____6x6 oil on linen panel___$150
I painted this mostly from memory, after a few annoyed glances from Velcro. He figured out that I was making"kissy noises" at him for no good reason (to him!), so he turned his back and ignored me the rest of the time. This doesn't really look like him, but that's his fault...Velcro came with us from the farm. He had a twin brother named Duster, who disappeared a few months broke all our hearts...They were sleeping pals and stayed together 100% of the time. Now we have skunks hibernating in the garage, so velcro has been sleeping in the house...
Had a couple cancellations in my Fredericksburg, TX workshop! Feb 5-7, 2010. Come if you can! It will be three FULL DAYS of sketching, and grabbing color! e-mail me if you need info


Kathleen said...

Very funny - just have to love the independent nature of cats! Nice painting, even if it doesn't look like him. Sorry you lost your other kitty =( Hope your workshop goes super good!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love this guy, V.! I'll bet Velcro misses Duster, too. Good to be away from the skunks!