Friday, January 29, 2010

Victorian Tea-Giglee

Victorian Tea - 14 x 11 giclee reproduction on stretched canvas, edition size: 10____ only 5 available $190 each
I do not often have reproductions of my work, but a few people wanted this one, so I printed a small limited edition. Each print is signed and numbered by me. To read about the painting, which I did on site back in October, Click Here.
Tomorrow I will post another giclee reproduction of an Arabian Horse....
A "giclee" (pronounced zshee-clay) is a fancy word for "ink jet printing"...I think. In the old days, artists had to reproduce our work by offset printing with film negatives and 4 color process was NOT cost effective, and the edition sizes had to be HUGE! I think it was trickery to sell a piece of paper for HUNDREDS of dollars, calling it a "signed, numbered, limited edition"...that, in my opinion is NOT artwork, but "giftwrap". Even today, with digital printing, and artist can reproduce their work INEXPENSIVELY. When I create a "Reproduction", I ALWAYS make the edition size and the PRICE VERY SMALL! It simply is NOT WORTH what fine art originals are worth. Please try to buy ORIGINAL art when you can...there are a LOT of GREAT ARTISTS out there with beautiful work that is affordable...

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