Thursday, January 07, 2010

Arizona Black Jay Cardinal Thing-bird, black

Arizona Black Cardinal Jay Bird Thing___8x6 oil on linen...accidently sold it wet, today!
I have been painting small wildlife studies for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. After a week or two of studies, I will paint a few large ones and then ship the works to Charleston. If you are near there on Feb 11-14, please come by and see me!...So this bird was painted from a photo I took last year. It is a western bird...a photo taken in Arizona. As you can tell by my title, I do not know my birds, and did not have time to look it up, because this one sold today! When S.L. came by the house to pick up a couple of works she had purchased, she saw this one on the easel and wanted to give it a home...I do not mind letting little wet ones go, but it feels a little sad when I do not "get to know them" better!...S.L. lives nearby, so I can go visit if I want to!...if any of you westerners recognizes this bird, please leave a reply below!
Are y'all watching the Texas / Alabama Football Championship??? ME TOO!!! HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Yea! Hook 'em horns!

Love the "black bird thing"! How lovely to sell it before it is dry. That is efficient working. Sounds as if you are having fun.

Chrissie R. said...

Thats an awesome painting. I just wanted to clarify, the birds name is a "Phainopepla". I live in northern Az, and see these birds often. I too thought they must be a black cardinal!Great job and I hope to see more like it. Not many people know of this bird.