Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romeo's Long Shadows

"Romeo's Long Shadows"___from my sketchbook
Long legs plus low sun equals long shadows. I did this one looking down at my "good Dane", Romeo.
I want to do a color sketch of this , but ran out of time today. If you view this one on my BLOG, you can click the image and see it bigger to examine the details. ...As a young artist, I was PHOTO-REALISTIC with a pencil. As I have become an impressionist with paint, I find that my pencil technique has followed along. As a former high school art teacher, I believe that EVERY young artist ought to work hard at realism, and technical l. After the eye is polished, then the technique and "personality" of the artist can emerge. oh, and Impressionism should NOT be an excuse for sloppiness :)

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