Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hawk Lookout

Hawk Lookout__8x6 oil study on linen for the SEWE show, unless you want it! $190

I type this during halftime....(How 'bout them Cowboys!) ...and was wishing this was an EAGLE, so I could call it Eagle Lookout! ...Sorry for the football talk, but I am a bit of a FAN. I have ALWAYS been a football geek (ask to see my sketches from when I was 7 years old!!)
For you artists: I painted this from a photo I shot at our farm. We had hawks everywhere. The middle-dark-blue background was actually the UNDERPAINTING for a lot of winter mesquite branches, but, gee, would YOU put them in? Me either! Lesson here is: LOOK UP from time to time as you paint. You may actually FINISH the work before you planned to!
For more...COME TO MY WORKSHOP on Feb 5 -7. We will sketch some animals from life (during the day), in between sunrises and moonrises! It will probably be warm in Texas that weekend! e-mail for info