Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up___6 x 8 oil on canvas__painted for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition
So, if this was my own cat, Velcro, he woud be saying "pickmeup, pickmeup, pickmeup, pickmeup...". Since this is my friend's cat, Nemo, I can imagine he is much more polite....I started a dog painting today...but I might be painting more cats, since I am hearing from a lot of folks ..."more cats please"...OK, OK, OK, OK
By the way, at the Fredericksburg workshop which I will be teaching on Feb. 5-7, we will do animals on one day...from life!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Who could resist picking this guy up? One of our nicest cats ever was a male orange tabby. I love the look on this guy's face and the close-up shot. You're on a roll!

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog, V. You are quite welcome to the "essence..." remark as a title if you so wish!

Susan Young Artist said...

Great cat pictures. How long does it take you to paint one of your "jewels".