Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Winner Is....

My 1000th daily painting was posted just before Christmas, and January 4 was the day to give it away! I am posting this on Jan. 5 (after midnight, and after contacting the winner)...I was blown away to have HUNDREDS of people respond. I was also blown away by the many creative attempts by my funny friends who wanted to enter twice...and more! Nice try, y'all! ...It took all afternoon for me and my friend Linda to get each name in the hat. I had WAY MORE names than expected and had to use a box. We put each email name and the date/time I received it on a separate piece of paper and into the "hat"...then my "contest officials" drew the name, I photographed it and let the winner know! See the pictures below and see who won at bottom!
The Hat!

My Contest Officials: Sam and Lola

The Winner Is...overexposed!

Some Photoshop effort shows the name on this overexposed photo... ...sent to me on CHRISTMAS DAY, 12/25/2009, at 10:02 pm...Congratulations STEVE and JANET McClennahan! They are great ART PEOPLE from Kerrville, TX...I think this is their first painting from me, so I am very happy for them! I am very sorry for the rest of you who wanted this one, and have decided that it would be really nice to give away 1000 paintings next time...well, maybe not, but I WILL have another "gift" for my friends sometime in the future. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
....next new thing from me is a brand new web site....but first: TOMORROW's daily painting!

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k and c's mom said...

Oh, Samuel: you did me wrong. Your had should have migrated toward the one with my name on it...
Mrs. O