Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Face Forward

Face Forward__6x8 oil on linen__for Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC
...Unless you want it first! Just let me know!...His name is Nemo, and is belongs to a friend of mine. I have been on a "Nemo kick" lately, so expect a couple more paintings of him this week ...In a few weeks I will be in Charleston for Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, the best Wildlife Show in America. Lots of great art and world renown artists. Also there are special presentations and exhibits. Jack Hannah will be there again this year. Please come see me at the Charleston Place Hotel on Meeting Street....I will introduce you to some of these great artists!
Before then, though, I will teach a short but intense workshop in Fredericksburg, TX. Feb 5-7. And, FYI, tomorrow in Fredericksburg, the weather will be AMAZING! It will get up to 75 with bright warm sunshine!
I have ordered the SAME weather for Feb 5-7, complete with colorful sunrises and sunsets and a FULL MOON! e-mail me if you want to come! vvaughan8@yahoo.com


Kathleen said...

would love to have that weather about now =p Great portrait - I can see why you love Nemo =) Enjoy your exposition and your workshop!

Cynthia said...

Love Nemo....and the sleepy head Nemo too...please moooore cats....he is sooo cute!!!

Art with Liz said...

Both these cats are so great! Love your sketch of Robyn as well.