Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hawaiian Cardinal

Hawaiian Cardinal__8x6 oil on linen panel
I painted this one for a friend...Since neither one of us had our own original photos, I used several that I found on the internet, and combined the head on one, with the body of another and made up my own background....Now that I look at it, I see a few things I will change before getting it to it's "home". A good idea for you artists is to take a photo and look at your work small or in black and gives you a fresh view!...Happy New Year!
On the day after tomorrow, I will give away the 1000th daily painting that I did a few days ago.
Click here to see it and read the story....Then email me at to tell me if you want to be in on the drawing which will take place January 4th...


Art with Liz said...

I learn from you every time - beautiful bird, such lovely colouring V.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, I love this!