Monday, January 04, 2010

January 4th, Three Years ago at the Farm___from the exhibit Last Year on the Farm___AVAILABLE
MY FREE PAINTING GIVE-AWAY IS TONIGHT!!!! You can still e-mail me if you want to be in the "hat" ...I will take names till 5 or 6 this evening, and will draw tonight! More on that below...but first - about the painting above...
This painting was exhibited all over the country, and is an actual part of my show. I think it was one of my better "cold weather" paintings, but I guess it was overlooked, so it's still available! There are a number of these "official" show paintings available (see all 365 "Last Year..." paintings on my WEB SITE) . Each of these are beautifully framed, and come with a nice packet of information and CD full of photos , reviews and clippings from the museums who exhibited the works. I hope you will go take a look ! Also, check out my BOOK about this important project...Published by BLURB, click here to preview the first 1o pages.
Here, below, is the painting I am giving away. It is my 1000th daily painting. I chose to paint my FAVORITE thing: sunrise at our old farm...I painted it from photos and other studies (I have 365 daily studies, you know!) I combined a few of my favorite things....Note that the barn in the painting above is the same as the one below.

My 1000th Daily Painting_Sunrise Memory at the Farm___6x8 oil, linen panel_ YOURS, if you enter and me to enter


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow, Lady! One THOUSAND paintings!?... You should do some MAJOR celebrating!

What an inspiration you are.

Candy Barr said...

Congratulations V!! Nicely done and great farm series.

Suzanne said...

This was a beautiful painting! A very lucky winner too!!!