Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dec. 5, Last Year on the Farm

12-05-2006 Last Year on the Farm
This is from earlier in the month. This morning's painting looked a lot like this just after sunrise, but I had trouble loading the image here on Blogger. I wish they would make the new Blogger as good as the old one was :)
I will be starting big studio paintings from these farm studies today. Until I get the whole year painted, I am holding on to the studies, but if you are interested, I have started a "waiting list" for people who want first pick when they go on sale. Thanks, Annie, for signing up to be first "dibs" for "Midnight" from the Fall Day series. ....but, I have other small ones that I put on e-bay from time to time. These sell for way less than my show price...the link below is for an auction that ends today.
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