Monday, December 11, 2006

Farm Fog......

"Pierces the Fog - Last Year on the Farm"
I painted this in Feb. of 2006....many months ago. Today I decided to put all of my farm paintings in order in my studio. I couldn't find this one to put the correct date on it for you, because I have mixed up the order. I have over 100 paintings in my series "Last Year on the Farm" and in just a day or 2 I will paint a FULL DAY on the farm..."A Fall Day Last Year on the Farm" will be 24 paintings in 24 hours. Please use the box to the right to send me your e-mail address and hit "JOIN" I will send you the 24 images in a couple of batches. You'll also be the first to see my daily painting in an e-mail that you can look at and share or toss!I hope you will check in later this week for 24 in 24!
Today I have a new piece of art on ebay in an auction. You can click here to see "Poppies"
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