Tuesday, December 26, 2006

White on the Rocks______click to bid

"White on the Rocks" 8x6

These birds are found on the Texas coast. They are not too shy and I just LOVE their bright yellow feet!....I saw this one in Rockport, TX not long ago. I liked the background and the rocks and wanted to paint them...This is a reminder to all that I teach an all-day plein air workshop one Saturday a month in Rockport. We cover a lot in that one day and it is my main desire to have students become familiar and COMFORTABLE painting outside on location. The next workshop day coming up is on SUNDAY, Jan 28. I will be there Saturday doing some sessions with art educators from all over. But on Sunday, anyone can come and take the class. We will start after church (1 - 1:30 or so) and have 2 sessions: the first will be about planes and edges and what light does on the edges (so, we'll paint architecture) ...the second session will be "DUSK". Many of you liked the dusk paintings I have done lately, so I will teach how I do it... I believe there is a new moon that week, too, so I'm hoping for clear weather...e-mail me if you'd like to take the workshop
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