Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Toll Road Lights

"Last Year on the Farm 11-24-2006"..........................V....Vaughan
The new toll road is all the rage in Austin...not too disturbing to us, except that our last year here on the farm will be noisier htan usual. The lights actually add a bright spot to the paintings (in addition to the little distant lights of Manor, TX. I have over 100 paintings of "Last Year on the Farm" and later this week I will do the first of four little series' I call "Day on the Farm". I will paint 24 little paintings in 24 hours. I will try to blog them all at once, but don't know how....any ideas? I might just send them to my GROUP, one at a time :)

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irenecorey said...

Your colors are amazing. I thought they were pastels until I read your profile. I look for your paintings every day and am pleased when I see them.