Friday, December 29, 2006

This Morning on the Farm

12-29-2006 Last Year on the Farm

The sun broke for a few minutes this morning. I painted from 7 - 7:30 as the cows were laying down and after I was through, the sun broke through so I painted this one. As soon as I finished it, the dark clouds rolled back in from the south and it began to sprinkle.
I am planning another 24 paintings in 24 hours...A WINTER Day Last Year on the Farm...for the end of January! Please stay tuned for details or JOIN my group to hear the details FIRST and to get ALL the images...Fill in the blank above and right and click "join"
Good Morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Marcy said...

I love all of your paintings. I would have such a hard time choosing one but I hope to get to do that someday. Thanks for sharing. :)

Oil paintings art said...

You did a great job painting those cows while they were laying down on the grass.