Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fall Day Last Year on the Farm - First of 4

"Fall Day Last Year on the Farm" 11-37-2006 6 am

I had been waiting for the Perfect Fall day in Central Texas....As a painter preparing to do 24 paintings in 24 hours, I wanted the day to be typical for Austin, but I also wanted it to have "variety"so that the art would be interesting! The news had reported a HUGE cold front bearing down on us, so I decided to paint the change that was predicted for Nov. 27, 2006. I began at 6 am that day, knowing that 24 hours later there would be a GREAT difference! Here is my first painting in the 6 o'clock was cool and mild with LOTS of puffy clouds ahead of the cold front.
If you have joined my group you have seen the first batch of 6 in the 24 hour session. This one is my favorite of the 6. Tomorrow I will send the group 6 more. If you want to see them then give me your e-mail address at the top of the column at right and click "JOIN"....this will add you to the group that receives an email with my "painting a day" image. Posted by Picasa

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