Monday, December 18, 2006

Fall Day...24 paintings in 24 hours

6 am hour....11 - 27 - 2006...

If you have joined my group then you have seen all 24 of my paintings from Nov. 27, 2006 : Fall Day Last Year on the Farm...I painted 24 paintings in 24 hours! These are small works that I will add to my series "Last Year on the farm". This one above is my favorite of the batch that I sent to the group today!Please join today and drop me an e-mail ( if you want to see todays' 6 paintings. I will be doing a "Winter Day Last Year on the Farm" as soon as winter gets here! If you want to see all 24 of the winter paintings, sign up ! At the top of the column at right there is a place for your e-mail address and then click the "join" button... Posted by Picasa

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