Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Cruiser and Kaylee"

"Cruiser and Kaylee"....10 x 8 ..............and 8 x 10................for the Wilkie's

These are a couple of paintings I did for a couple of nice people I know. Aren't they lucky to have such warm, precious pets?!! BIG NEWS...If any of you listened to the Laura Ingraham Show (a national radio show) on Monday, she mentioned me and a little painting I did of her dog, Troy, who recently died. I was moved by her tale of Troy so painted a little picture....As I was in my studio, Monday, I just about fell off the chair when I heard her mention the art at the end of her show. She said that she'd post it on her web site, but I haven't seen it yet....maybe someone needs to remind her :) ( for the Wilkie's....I will send Kaylee and Cruiser as soon as the paint dries! Merry Christ mas Y'all!

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Rhonda Hurwitz said...

I love your paintings of these dogs! I also cannot imagine painting 24 paintings in 24 hours...did I read that right?