Friday, December 08, 2006

Farm Last Year

"Moonrise at Sunset"...................Last Year on the Farm.........A Big Painting

Some time this weekend I will begin a little series within the "Last Year on the Farm" series. ...
"24 Hours in the Fall -Last Year on the Farm"....Yes! I will be painting 24 paintings in 24 hours (remember, these are VERY SMALL paintings...6" x 8" and I have painted the subject several hundred times before, but never like this!) You will get info when I post the paintings, starting on WEDNESDAY....I will put 4 of my favorites here on the blog next week, but if you have joined my group, you will get to see ALL 24, 6 at a time over 4 days! Now, this is my plan, barring unforseen problems, like sleep deprived illness ! If it goes well, I will do Winter, Spring and Summer, too! Summer is when we will have to move off the farm, so those paintings might be pretty special.
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Jan Verhulst said...

Beautiful work !