Friday, December 15, 2006

A Fall Day ...3 of 4

6 pm A Fall Day Last Year on the Farm ...4 pm hour

I sent a batch of 6 paintings to my group today...(this is MY favorite of the 6) from a series of 24 paintings in 24 hours...On Monday, Dec. 18 I can send you the last batch of 6 paintings from “A Fall Day Last Year on the Farm”….They are all painted from the 6 – 7 am hours right at the end of my 24 hour paintathon. It is fun to compare 6 am before cold front with 6 am after cold front….I think you will enjoy the last 6! if you know anyone who might like to see the mail, please tell them to use the space above and to the right to give me your e-mail address. Click "JOIN" and sign up today! When you join you will get an e-mail each day that just has my painting of the day. I usually do not write anything to read, just a picture to look at!

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