Wednesday, June 11, 2008

11 of 24 - Last Day on the Farm_click to bid

"11 of 24 in 24 Hours - Last Day on the Farm"...."Last Grazing Before Sunset".......6x8 oil on linen to bid
As I neared the halfway point of painting 24 paintings in 24 hours for my Last Day on the Farm, I saw the cows hurry back into the near pasture, and graze all they could before it began to get dark. They went back and forth from pasture to pasture all day! (Just two more days till the moonlight paintings).

***NEWS FLASH! If you haven't been to Rockport to see the Last Year on the Farm (all 365 paintings) now is your last chance! The last day of the show is June 14. All the big ones have sold! Now I just have to sell about 300 more little ones :)
***Speaking of Rockport...JOIN ME for a workshop day on Saturday, June 21. Sunrise at 6:32 am at Cove Harbor, followed by a morning of painting the famous Rockport Oaks! If it's hot, we'll have a cool day at the Art Center. Come and meet Barbara! She hasn't missed a workshop, yet. I made her class president ;)

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