Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buffalo Pair

"Buffalo Pair"....palette droppings on fine linen panel, 6x8.....$150
On the way back from Rockport a few days ago thiis pair was under some trees grazing as if everything in the world was fine. They didn't know that I drove up on them just after escaping what I am sure was a tornado. I drove into an aweful storm, snapping pictures along the way until on top of a long hill I was hit with huge winds blowing tree parts straight at me...and hail...I looked around for a hiding place but there were no low spots so I just pulled over on top of the hill while the wind did a complete 180 and hit me with the tree parts from behind...
When a huge hay truck drove by , I jumped into the lane after it (feeling safe?) and we drove over the hill where these buffalo were, and a couple of highway partolmen who were there to prevent others from going up the hill....I stayed with these buffalo till some of their calm rubbed off on me :)

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Rebecca Osborne said...

Virginia, great story. Love the paint - colors and textures -- in this piece.

Can't wait until I can get up to Palo Duro Canyon -- that would make a fun PAA event.