Saturday, June 07, 2008

7 of 24 - Last Day on the Farm - Click here to bid

"Graze-By" #7 of 24 in 24_____6 x 8 oil on fine linen panel _Click to bid

Click the "bid link" to read the field notes, and to see another image...a DETAIL of part of the painting.

Click this image also to see a detail version...
...and now for a preview of tomorrow's #8 auction. Because somehow #2 was duplicated, I revised it to the #8 painting, which was coming up tomorrow . (revising it saved me from having to pay twice)'s a bad thing for anyone watching the auctions, because the #8 auction will only last about three days....BUT it's good for me, because the #8 painting is my favorite, and maybe no one will buy it, and I can KEEP IT!...I will post it tomorrow, but here is the preview link and the auction is ON!

Only a few more days of auctions, and then I will start posting new works from Arizona and the COAST!...I wonder when I will paint farms again....

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