Monday, June 09, 2008

9 of 24 - Last Day on the Farm - Click to bid

"Last day on the Farm - My Studio Deck - 9 of 24" - click here to bid
This is the deck where I painted from for all those years, particularly the Last Year on the Farm. I loved our old farm house, made of logs (except this North wall), and I had a great studio upstairs, which I really miss.

If you click this image, you should see a large view. Or see it by clicking the link.
Nine down...17 to go! Stay tuned!
Oh, if you missed #8, it's my fault! See yesterday's BLOG for info, and there are only a couple of days for the auction...that's OK, because it's my favorite painting and I want to keep it if I can!

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Cecelia said...

What a nice place to work! I had a beach house at the edge of town, one time that had a big deck and would have been a great place to work.
Is your old studio/home empty? I just cringe when I see old homes being used for hay storage, or something, when it had been someone's home.
I know you must miss it, but, at the same time, it would be exciting to have a new place to fix up, and new adventures to look forward to.