Wednesday, June 04, 2008

4 of 24 - Last Day on the Farm_click to bid

"4 of 24 - Last Day on the Farm".....6 x 8 oil on fine linen panel....Auction starts today
Click here to bid:
I told about this painting when I previewed it in here to see the earlier blog post (4 of 24) and another picture of how I started the painting. If you click on the painting above, you can see a large, detailed version.
Right now and for the next couple of weeks, I am letting these "Last Day..." paintings by an auction...I expect there to be some "good deals", and I will be shipping the art to the winners as soon as the auction is over! Whereas, the 365 paintings of our "Last YEAR on the Farm" will be shipped in January, I want these little ones to go to their homes immediately....These are my dandelion seeds, being blown to the wind...little pieces of my farm scattered to new places...

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