Thursday, December 18, 2008

Artist Shapes

"Artist Shapes"___A TEE Shirt for every artist __click link to order from RockSports
Yesterday I posted "Tiger Letters", and had some interesting comments! Barb wondered if the "Letters" were individual things to iron on...GOOD QUESTION! NO, all my tee shirts are pre-printed. This illustrates how important a "title" is, because it needs to explain a concept!...In my long, illustration carreer, I created many tee shirt lines for RockSports Inc.. Two of the most successful ones were the "Letters" line and the "Shapes" line. Letters is a word spelled out with letters that look like what the word is (like yesterday's "Lions") "Shapes" is shown above...the shape of the word is described by the negative space made from things that describe the word! Up close, you only see the "icons"....far away you onkly see the word. "Shapes" is my invention. Click on "ARTIST" Shapes above to see more detail...This is one of my favorite tee shirt designs, and I bring this tee shirt to my workshops. Click the links to order!
*WORKSHOP CHANGE!!! Jan. 10 workshop in Rockport, TX has been changed to JAN. 17.

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Hi V... love the t-shirt.