Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Tanner's Pies"_____spoken for_____Free recipie below! Merry Christmas!
OK, I PROMISE this will be the last pie picture. This one is for all of you who asked for a "recipie"...I did my best to describe it below...good luck! Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday and we had a fancy dinner for him. It's been a crazy week and this is all the art I have managed, besides a few sketches. A Sketching workshop is coming up on Jan 10 in Rockport. Please join us!

I REALLY do not have a recipe. I have sort of made adjustments to the classic recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook I grew up with!
Here is the best I can do to describe my adjustments. If you look at the BC recipe, it might make better sense. J

I do it by SIGHT and FEEL and taste, rather than measuring… here goes…
For two crusts (top/bottom)
About 1.5 – 2 cups flour.
Sprinkle on that about 1-1 ½ teaspoons of salt
With a fork, divide up about a little less than ½ that amount of shortening (Crisco)… divide it well with that fork (it’s a good arm workout J) and there should be no big chunks…if you cannot divide it up without big chunks, then you need to add flour…the final mixture ought to be like really coarse corn meal…really crumbly and dry but not TOO dry…
Add small amounts of water till it sticks together, but does not stick to the bowl (keep working that arm!)
Roll it out on a floured smooth surface to about 1/16 “ or less….
Too much crisco makes it too flaky. Too much flour makes it too hard and dry. Too much water makes a sticky mess…I perfected it by doing it over and over again….it cost me about 20 lbs. right after we got married


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Brigitta Rae said...

That is soo cool! I wish I was talented like that! I can burn pretty much anything.
Have fun and happy birthday Tanner!