Friday, December 26, 2008

Griz Sketch

"Griz - Sketch"__see finished painting posted on Dec.22, 2008
I have a workshop lesson on "DRAWING to Paint" coming up in several locations in 2009. The first will be in Rockport, TX on Jan. 17. Contact me for info. We will cover special shortcuts to "seeing", easy perspective and the following:
Before I take on a bigger painting, I like to have an idea of basic composition. In a sketch, I work out certain problems. In the case of Mr. Griz Bear, I needed to combine several photos I was given. I combined separate photos of: his face, body, background and lighting. PLUS, I used a 5th photo to judge how long his limbs are. Since I did not get to meet Griz "in person" all the different photos helped me to "see" him better. Even with all that effort, Griz's owner, Donna, had to suggest a few changes...things that looked a certain way to me in a photo, need to be adjusted for the folks who know Griz you can see, this is a QUICKIE sketch. I "saw" what I wanted to do, early on, and needed no more than this little prep to get rolling.


Art with Liz said...

Hi V. Another beautiful sketch! Hope you had a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Alanda said...

This Griz looks friendly! How do you do it? =) Happy new year!