Monday, December 22, 2008

Griz Bear_Click pic to enlarge

"Griz Bear"_ 20 x 16 oil on canvas___A commission for Donna Glenn
I had to shoot this picture without sunlight (reluctantly), because I shipped it (wet) to it's new home today. A special Christmas gift commissioned for a collector in Tennessee, who liked the work I did on Jake (see Jake posted back on July 9 ).
Here are a couple of art thoughts about Griz, for you artist friends of mine...FIRST, the photo would be better had I gotten to shoot it in the sun. I ALWAYS shoot in the sun, even though all the photo advice says to shoot on a bright day in the shade, or on a cloudy day. THINK about it!!! The sunshine, alone has the FULL SPECTRUM. The subtle colors will be seen in the sunlight. and contrasts of value, too...
SECOND....shooting a dog from above causes foreshortening. His near parts will be larger than his far parts. This can make him look like he has stubby legs :) I worked from photos on Griz, and so was limited in my knowledge of him, so I made sure to indicate this distance in my painting...."how"?? I created the "distance" on his body, by painting his rear parts slightly lighter (cooler) and softening the edges. of course the photos showed no variation between the black on his rear end and the black on his face, but ask the question "what is important to the viewer?"....hmmmm?....I am sure many of you have learned this concept in a workshop some place....if not, come to one of MINE in 2009!
Next one-day workshop is in Rockport, Texas, January 17 (NEW DATE!). Check my schedule from time to time....I add new dates often (and change a few sometimes!)