Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kruger Lion__Click picture to enlarge

Lion at Kruger National Park , South Africa___11 x 8 pencil on paper___$85
I have been visiting with Liz Pearson from South Africa. She explained Cricket to me need a great sense of humor to understand those rules! South Africans are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, too, but it's the middle of summer there...I just cannot imagine that! Well, Liz's friend, Lettie is permitting me to use some of her wonderful photos as reference for wildlife paintings, which I am preparing for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. Here is a sketch I did in preparation for a larger painting. This lion was just walking along the road! I think I prefer Texas armadillos sharing my highways! THANK YOU for this reference, Liz! You and Lettie will be the first to see the painting....right now, I have some commissions to comes Griz (tomorrow), 14 Mules, La Posada, Gus, Mars and many more! Merry Christmas, y'all!


Art with Liz said...

Knowing the original photo and seeing your drawing - you've captured him absolutely perfectly. The arrogance of knowing he owns the road and you must move over comes through perfectly. Stunning! Can't wait to see the painting.

Alanda said...

I love lions and this is great; also congrats to Tanner! Wahoo! You are living the dream and achieving your goals; the world tries to put us in boxes with fear (some media scaring some people), but you live in the freedom and hope of God. Cheers to perseverance and freedom and liberty with Jesus! Merry Christmas.

Carol said...

Hi Vaughan. First time visitor, found you on Liz's blog :) Your paintings on your website are magnificent! I especially love Jake! I started out with pencil and charcoal but have not done any lately. You have whetted my appetite for some more - I love charcoal. Your lions are beautiful. There is nothing worse than seeing these great beasts behind bars or wire. They deserve the right to majestically roam the free open plains. Great blog - I'll be back.