Friday, December 19, 2008

Meerly Young

"Meerly Young"__another Meerkat sketch from the zoo__Merry Christmas!!
After I posted "Meerly Slouching" I heard from a new artist friend in South Africa. Liz told me that meerkats are native to where she lives, near Cape Town. So I told her I had sketched another one and didn't like it, after I got it home. I wasn't going to post it, because the proportions looked funny, to me, and since I am not familiar with meerkats, I couldn't do anything about it. This really annoyed me, because DRAWING is my real strength in art. Perspective, proportion, etc, is what I do best, so having this one look funny to me was annoying. Liz told me that this one is a YOUNG meerkat, and that's how the young ones look! ... and I ought to post it. So here ya go! THANKS LIZ!!! Enjoy a summer Christmas at the beach in that other hemisphere!

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