Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mule 1__Click to Bid

"Mule 1"___12 x 9 pencil on archival paper. CLICK TO BID

Here is the first of about 10 mule drawings created as studies for a large painting I have been commissioned to paint. If you want to see a better image, click the image for details. Stay tuned to follow the progress of the large painting and see the finished painting in a few weeks, I hope you don't get tired of mules :) I will try to break up the mule auctions with a few paintings from our travels to Colorado. I have a trip coming up, and will be doing some "drive-by" painting in West Texas and New Mexico.
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eju said...

wow.. this is amazing!! really2 amazing... teach me how! lol =D

Art with Liz said...

He is absolute gorgeous V!

sanjeev joshi said...

excellent sketches inyour blog!!
waiting to see mules come alive on canvas.