Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten Miles From Lampasas___Driving By

"Ten Miles From Lampasas"____6x8 oil on linen panel___$150 includes shipping if you ask first!
We are headed to Southern Colorado for a little bit of skiing and togetherness! Kids, Dogs, and ALL (except Romeo, who is hanging out with Linda, Matt and snarling Xena :)
Lampasas is only about 60 miles from our home, but by then, I was already painting inthe car(I do not sit still well for long, and this little group of lounging cows brought back some farm memories) I got off to a rough start when I opened my palette box and the canvas immediately fell into the new puddles of paint :( Then there was some brush juggling and paint got where it wasn't supposed to (think UPHOLSTERY) and I had to get it off without any one seeing me rubbing the spots (thinkscolding)...all the excitement is recorded in pencil on back of the canvas, so if you want this one, you get some amusing field notes as a bonus!
Happy New Year! More mules tomorrow!

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