Saturday, December 13, 2008

Black Bear for a Moment

"Black Bear for a Moment"______from my zoo sketchbook
I am having MOUSE issues, and it's been VERY hard to work my photos, so I have not posted art much this week. I hope you have enjoyed the break!!!
This bear was sound asleep in the shade, but looked up briefly when I made "kissy" sounds at him. Obviously, I did not gather enough info in the brief moment of eye contact, but I thought some of you "artist types" would like more "permission" to leave unfinished sketches UNFINISHED!!! This is a reminder to look over my workshop schedule for 2009. There are MANY OPTIONS to shoose from: 1 or 3 or 4-Day Workshops all over Texas, and MAYBE one in New Orleans. My prices are CHEAP, and I give ALL I got, to help artists of all levels. COME WITH A FRIEND who can keep you going after the workshop! e-mail me for more info at

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