Friday, February 15, 2013

ACE Liftoff

ACE Liftoff- Tricolor Heron__SOLD at the SEWE Quick Draw
Today was the Quick Draw event at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. A few artists created works in one hour, and then these were auctioned off in a live auction....My little Tricolor Heron fetched $700...
I painted it from a photo I took out here last year at the ACE Basin Wildlife Refuge. ACE stands for Ashapoo, Cumbahee, and Edisto Rivrs that merge south of Charleston, making a terrific area for birds, alligators and all kinds of wildlife. After this year's show, I will again spend a few days there, HOPING to capture some more birds with my subjects for my Birdseed Project. I'm very excited to have better camera gear this year.

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