Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hay for Today

"Hay for Today" Last Year on the Farm.....available for dibs

The title of this painting speaks of the feeding cattle...but in the background is "Hay for Tomorrow" of the beautiful parables lived out in the farming life is the princible of "saving" will they eat in the cold lean winter months, unless the farmers put up reserves for them today? What a blessing of abundance we have had in Central Texas this year....
and these pastures are FULL of tall hay today, that will not be cut...seems like a waste of a blessing.... wish I had a tractor! If you know anyone who wants a bunch of hay, let me know!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! OCTOBER 15 - 30 is the official unveiling for "Last Year on the Farm". 365 paintings. A tribute to a special place and the passing of time. I hope you can come to see this body of work on display in the location where it was created. Let me know if you would like more info...for now, I am taking "first dibs" from anyone interested in these little studies. If you see one you like you can be first in line to buy it when they come available soon...just let me know! My kids get first pick :)

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