Monday, April 04, 2011

Creekside OK

Creekside OK___detail_8x10 oil on linen panel for Passing Ameriica: The Great Plains Another scene in Oklahome, as I have been "passing" through the plains, gathering more info and doing "drive-by" paintings from the passenger seat. I think the name of this creek was "Sandy Creek" which crossed under US HWY 81, aka The Meridian Highway. this route has long been an important farm to market road, and passes through every county seat from Texas to Canada...I think. I will update the project blog soon, and the correct details will be there. Yesterday we spent the day along the Platte River near Kearney, NE. The sandhill cranes are there on their migratory way up north. We went to a blind at the Rowe Sanctuary, and watched them come in from the cornfields to rest for the night. I will elaborate on all this, later, but WHAT A SIGHT TO SEE!!!

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Douglas Clark said...

Ok, I admit I didn't know this one was yours right off the bat but it is very nice and handled really well.