Thursday, July 02, 2015

Mountain Lights

Mountain Lights  8x10 oil  Available at Act I Gallery, Taos, NM

A moonlight study from a couple years ago. This great location is where we will paint the FULL MOON at sunset and at sunrise, and other locations in the South San Juan Wilderness area of Colorado. Workshop starts Tuesday, July 28. Click for info and follow the links to register!


Full Moon Workshop 2015 __ Colorado__July 28-Aug 1, 2015

Ballad of the Farm: Then. Now. Tomorrow__David City, NE__May 23-Sept.13, 2015

This event is a VERY SPECIAL exhibit, that I have put my heart into since October, 2014. I will have a month of TARGETED blog posts about this topic, and "unveil" my special painting very soon. Visit Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art for more, and PLEASE follow my journey...soon!

2016 Full Moon Workshop ___July 17-21, 2016

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