Monday, April 21, 2008

24 of 24...Remnants

"One Last Day on the Farm_24 of 24_Remnants".......6x8 oil on linen panel.....for sale SOON.

Twenty-four paintings in 24 hours! One Last Day on the was beautiful and FUN!.
This is #24, the last one of the bunch. (Actually, I painted a 25th one, but I'll tell you about that one later).
The whole process was symbolic for me, this time...I decided to paint from locations I had not painted from before! My usual painting place was the studio deck at our old house, but this time, I perched myself across the pasture and tank where I could see the house.
My friends and assistants, Teri and Linda came and spent the whole time with me, keeping me company and providing comic relief! (more on that later, too!) Linda gets a special mention, because Monday was her BIRTHDAY!
This painting is particularly symbolic. Three weeks ago a grass fire raged through the very center of the farm, scorching about 40 acres and vaporizing all the bales of hay that were there. This painting shows remnants of this fire, though the pasture is nearly healed with new growth, now, (More symbolism).
The remnant of the herd is this little bunch of white cows, where our black ones once grazed....
More about all this, tomorrow!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this 24 n 24 is incredible. Please post links to the media features.