Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last Day on the Farm

"The Last Day on the Farm"...6 x 8...Available in May

I spent the day with the Texas Country Reporter and "crew" at the farm. See photo of their famous SUV in our old pasture? See the burn from the fire a couple weeks ago...already almost greened up!
We had beautiful weather for me to begin my "One Last Day" on the Farm....I am regarding this day as the "kickoff" day for my last 24 paintings in 24 hours at the farm, though I will actually paint the 24 on April 20-21. I painted this one, today, deciding that my next and LAST 24 will NOT be my usual views. This is symbolic of a NEW VIEW of a farm, no longer MINE..get ready for 24 totally new paintings!
The Texas Country Reporter is a great TV show on CBS here in Texas and all over the country on the cable network, RFD.
My segment will air on May 17 or 18, I think, but I will announce the date on the blog. After it airs, I will have a link on my web site...I think they did a gret job...more than anything, it was fun to be on the farm again, on this, MY BIRTHDAY!
It was a great birthday! UMHB won a double header against Trinity University, and the RRHS Dragon JV White team won their big game, too! So I got three baseball victories for my birthday!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Happy Birthday Virginia.
NOW I get it. All that Aries fire is driving you!