Friday, April 25, 2008

4 of 24 in 24 Hours - Start and Finish

4 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours
"Follower"___Oil on Linen___Sales info coming soon!

(I missed my BLOG appointment yesterday...Stuck in some bad weather between MS and TX, and watching some college baseball games. UMHB lost a couple tough ones, and my son ended his college carreer on the mound in the POURING rain :( CONGRATULATIONS TANNER! You are my hero!)

I began this painting immediately after #3, #2, and #1, all of which I painted while the film crew from Austin's News 8 was with me for a brief interview. The photo above is where I left off and said goodbye to Heidi and her cameraman! I tild her I would show her the finish, so she gets a copy of this today, too!
I call it "Follower", because the current bunch of about 50 cows likes to move a lot, and they ALL follow whoever decides to lead at the moment. ...These 24 paintings in 24 hours feature the cows and the moon! There was very little sun until the last part of the second day...having bright sunlight makes the paintings easier...COLOR is easier to see in the full spectrum of the first few paintings which you have seen this week, were difficult chalenges...
I HAVE LOTS OF NEWS! More tomorrow, but read this below...
**AUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT...remember the alligator I posted on Feb 21? (click here and scroll down)
the Harry Hampton folks will be auctioning off the alligator painting on May 10th.
If anyone wants to submit a bid, they can mail a sealed bid to:
Harry Hampton Fund, PO Box 2274, Spartanburg, SC 29304.
Bids need to be in by May 1st.
You may include several prices they are willing to pay (lowest to highest) and an address to mail item to.

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