Friday, April 18, 2008

Rest of the Fickle Windmill

"Fickle Windmill" 8 x 6 Study for T&D______$100

I posted part of this the other day, and when looking through the files just now, I couldn't find the WHOLE painting, because as a thumbnail it looked like a photo! When I painted this I hated it, because the greens were too...GREEN! But letting a few days go by, and seeing how accurate the colors are compared to the real photos, I change my mind a little bit!

It reminded me of a painting I did at the farm about a year ago. I ended up calling it "Green That Hurts", because the greens this time of year are so electric, that it hurts to look at them!..

Sunday begins my "One Last Day on the Farm"...I will be camped out there with my friends L and T to keep me awake, and a few reporter-types coming to see how I can do 24 paintings in 24 hours!...BUT!...between now and then, I have three ballgames to cheer at!...PLEASE WATCH for the 24 in 24, and if you are in the Austin area, watch News 8 on Sunday! ;)

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Beautiful. I couldn't keep your schedule :D