Friday, April 04, 2008

Springy Farm

"Springy Farm" 6 x 8 $150 still wet
For the past couple days I have gone BACK to the farm. That "film crew" I mentioned is Bob Phillips and the guys from that great weekly TV program, Texas Country Reporter. They are doing a little story about my "Last Year on the Farm" and will document my "One Last Day", as I paint 24 paintings in 24 hours next one above is what I painted while waiting for the guys to catch up with me there last night...It's a quickie, and a study of the white cows grazing where our black cows once were. Spring is just now turning the place green...even the black pasture where the fire was last week is already greening up!!! I hope to show some of the leftover black in a few of my 24 paintings next week. For now, this one is available to the first one who wants it....more to come!!!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love the white cows. Beautiful.