Friday, April 25, 2008

3 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours_"Round Ones"

3 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours... One Last Day on the Farm_"Round Ones"...sales info soon!

From May until November last year, we had record rains, and yet there was no hay cut or baled, because our farming had come to an end. The other families had left the farm, but my family stayed on as we searched for a new home some place. I painted every day, and saw the farm "going away slowly"...the cows left in January...the egrets disappeared from the landscape, the hay grew and grew, and weeds began to choke the place. The hand of the farmer was gone, and the countenance of the place really suffered. By August, you could hear the constant drone of bugs in the brush, well watered and sheltered by the tall grasses. At least they symbolized "life"...and then, one day, some new cows appeared! Another farmer had leased the place for his herd! With the cows came the cutting of new hay...these are the bales that bring life back to this old empty farm!

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