Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Distant Gathering

"Distant Gathering"___6x8___not available YET
I made good time on the way home from NE! I slept late (well, 7 am is late for me) and got all the way to Belton by lunch time, so took my son to lunch. Only an hour from home I decided to stop by Debbie and Tom's ranch to look around for ideas for a painting they want me to do! Gee, I had my paints all loaded on the pallette, since I just painted on the Platte river 2 days ago, so I did this little study of distant clouds and cows gathering!
Tomorrow, I will be sketching at THE FARM! A film crew is coming to look it over with me and make plans for the next installation of 24 in 24. Since my usual view went up in flames last week, I will be looking at the farm from a different angle this symbolic!


JMahorney said...

I really like this one. I think the color harmony is great. You've captured a wonderful subtlety in the hues and values that pull this whole thing together. :)

Adele said...

V...I love this fact, I love all of your work! You inspire me.