Thursday, April 24, 2008

2 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours

"Two Last Day on the Farm_'Brilliance'_1 of 24_6x8 oil on linen panel.....for sale SOON.
The cardinals sang and the mockingbirds mocked them while I painted this one. And a certain buyllfrog kept me company all day, bellowing from the tank below. I was really thrilled when the sun streamed through for a few minutes...
The first painting (see yesterday's BLOG)seemed stressful (probably because of the TV cameras!), but by the time I got into this one, it felt like the other 365 paintings I did "Last Year on the Farm"...
Wait till you see the rest! especially the moonlight ones!
These will all be sold a special way!...details to come!...and don't forget the BOOK! Ask me about it!

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