Tuesday, May 13, 2008

12 of 24 in 24 Hours

"Last Day on the Farm_12 of 24 in 24 Hours"_____Auction starts Monday, May 19

After painting all day, FINALLY some "color" and contrast came, just before sunset. There were a couple ducks flying by before settling on the tank for the night... Soon, the moon would be up...The next SIX PAINTINGS will feature the AMAZING MOON we had that night...my Last Day on the Farm.

My friends keeping me company became a little loopy about now, and drove around the pasture like George Washington crossing the Potomac....you have seen the illustrations, right? Standing tall in the canoe...Hand shading the eyes...now imagine that in a pickup truck....

After I finished this one, we went to the BEST MEXICAN Restaurant in Manor...RAMOS'.

I will start auctioning these last 24 on MONDAY, May 19...Watch for details!

****Please make your way to Rockport, if you can! Come Saturday, May 17 to say hello to me, or any time between May 14 and June 14...the art is there, all 365 Farm Paintings...The Texas Country Reporter told the story better than I EVER could! I hope to have a link to their great story, soon...Bob's questions were good ones, very pertinent, and really drew the emotion out of the story...and me. Much of the time he had a tear in his own eye, so I tried to not look at him ;)

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Joanne said...

I love your blog V! It was good to talk to you today and I look forward to meeting you at the Phippen show. BTW, I love your egret...7 strokes in Marble Falls.